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Tursulowe Press shares in the belief of its subsidiary not-for-profit Read for Need that everyone who wants to read should have easy access to books. While some schools lack the necessary funding to stock even the smallest library, and while veterans in hospitals, children in shelters, and encarcerated Americans are in need of reading material, it is unacceptable that perfectly good books often end up in the trash. Shelters, daycares, prisons, hospitals ALL need books, and happily there are plenty to go around. 


It is merely a question of moving books from the places where they are no longer wanted to the places where they are.


The mission of Read for Need is to assist in this effort and to put books in the hands of people who want to read. Connecting current book owners to non-profits in need, organizing book drives and book-raising events, or building school libraries may require a little teamwork but only a minimum of effort is needed to foster literacy in our communities. Tursulowe Press will do its part by donating one used or new book to a community in need for every book we sell.

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How Can You Help?

To donate used books to organizations in your state, click here


Do you have a book club or reading group?

Contact us here to learn more about our book raising program.

We thank you for being a part of this effort.


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