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We are currently working with Bluebird books and Bookshop.org to build community libraries in Philadelphia. If you would like to help Philibros in their work, please click on this link to buy a Spanish-language book for a child or adult.

Thank you! 


Tursulowe Press was founded with three goals in mind:

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To publish stories that might otherwise go unpublished and republish stories that are under-read

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to get books into the hands of people who need them, whether in schools, prisons, shelters or homes

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and to provide publishing and editing services for authors and artists who choose to work outside of the traditional publishing industry


Tursulowe Press in Philadelphia publishes under-told stories and republishes under-read classics. Many of our editions are designed using art in the public domain, and our stationery line includes notecards, postcards, journals, and bookmarks. We offer editing services on a sliding scale for literary works of any size, and we are always open for submissions.


Our not-for-profit Read for Need gathers and transports books from those who don't need them to those who do.


The press's goal is to make beautiful, worthy books and to work towards a world in which reading material ends up in people's hands and not the trash. We give away one book for every book we sell. 

The longleggedbooks series was designed to provide all children with stories in which they can see themselves, understand others, and grow into adults who feel responsible

for the world around them.


We support Black Lives Matter, voting rights, trans rights, and each person's right to bodily autonomy. We try to tell stories we think are important. In doing so, we do our best to use the most respectful language we can. If our terminology is wrong, if our tone is off, if we make assumptions, or if we generally miss the mark, tell us.

We want to know.



For more information on the Tursulowe Press catalog, book-raising events, and services, please read on. 


Tursulowe press

614 South 4th Street


Philadelphia, PA 19147

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